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Gozo has always warmly welcomed visitors – especially as English is the second language on the island, like Malta, its larger neighbour.  So, not surprisingly, there is a very well established expatriate community here, of which many are Catholics.

The central location for the English-Speaking Catholic Community is at the Sacred Heart Seminary Chapel, Enrico Mizzi St, Victoria (click here for map) Here Mass is celebrated at 10.00 a.m. every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Our Community has been established for many years and, in this time, we have made many friends.  Apart from local residents, we regularly welcome Maltese, French, American, Dutch and British visitors.

We are very grateful to the  chaplains who provide unstinting service to our community: Father Loretu Tabone and Canon George Debrincat.   As well as the services at the Seminary, Mass is also celebrated at the Franciscan Convent, Nadur  and Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel, overlooking Mgarr harbour.  Please refer to Services on Gozo for further details. You will be welcome! *A short history of the Catholic Community in Gozo originally compiled by Rosemary Fleming can be seen here.  This is a summary of the history written in the  Millenium Booklet with relevant updates.




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